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What's the strange string of symbols or characters in my links?
What's the strange string of symbols or characters in my links?

If you notice something different in your links, this is why

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You don't know what is causing the links from your pages look like this:

That string of characters at the end of the links is generated by our Copy & Paste Share Tracking tool, which allows you to track every time that someone shares your pages, even when sending those links through "dark social" channels, such as email, SMS's, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

If you want to know more about Dark Social, you can read our blog post or the article in our Knowledge Base about the Copy & Paste Share Tracking tool.

You can make the strings disappear for the whole site by deactivating the feature or in specific pages that you don't want that string to show by using the Exclude page feature.

However, be advised that is very likely that these copy-paste shares represent a large percentage of your shares. This means that turning this feature off will make your statistics very incomplete.

Example from the GetSocial Blog (82% of our shares are copy-paste):

The average of copy-paste shares from all our users is well above 80%.

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