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Conversions: Set up via Google Tag Manager
Conversions: Set up via Google Tag Manager

How you can install GetSocial Conversions via Google Tag Manager

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Read this article to see how you can create conversion goals.

Setting up Conversions is simple if you already have a Google Tag Manager account. 

As an example, we'll show you how to set up a new tag for a website where 1 paid subscription (= 1 conversion) has a value of $199.5.

1. In your Google Tag Manager dashboard, click “Add a New Tag”

2. Title your tag (e.g. Paid Subscription), then click the “Tag Configuration” box to choose a tag type

3. Scroll down to the "Custom" options and choose "Custom HTML"

4. Copy the following code and paste it

document.addEventListener('gs:processed', function() {

IMPORTANT: here you'll need to go back to GetSocial's Conversion page and get the code to replace '$id' with. 

With our Paid Subscription example, we would get this value:

gsconv('614d21', { total: 'USD 199.50' })

This shows that our Paid Subscription's ID is 614d21 and the value of this conversion is $199.5. After copying & pasting this onto GTM, the code would look as seen on the screenshot below:

5. Define the action that triggers this conversion

Depending on what counts as a conversion to you, attribute an action on your website (Page View, Link Clicks, Form Submission, etc.) to this tag.

For our Paid Subscription example, our conversion is triggered when someone visits a specific Thank You page

6. Once you're done, click the blue 'Save' button. Next, click the 'Submit' button and then choose the "Publish and Create Version" option and click 'Publish'. Finally, in "Container Version Description", add a name and description to your tag so that its purpose is clear to you

That's it! 

With your tag set up, you will start seeing conversions on GetSocial as they occur over time.

Still need help? Feel free to contact us.

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