Sometimes you feel that a certain app you have installed shouldn't appear on a specific page. Perhaps having share buttons on your contact us page is irrelevant or you don't want to track copy paste sharing in your homepage.

It's now easy to choose which apps are enabled in your pages. The first step is to open the Exclude Pages option.

By clicking on the "Add an exclusion" button, you'll be able to define which apps you like to make invisible on some pages.

On the following example, our goal is to:

  1.  Exclude horizontal and mobile share bars from every page containing /post/ in the URL;
  2. Exclude the floating bar from the homepage;

Here's how we did it: 

By default, you'll only be presented with the apps you already have installed.

If you want to just have the tools on a few pages and don't to exclude many others, you can try to Include pages instead.

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