On daily activities, you and your social media teams might copy-paste their own links and use it for several marketing activities. Although this doesn't hold any problem, per se, it might skew (positively) your GetSocial data. 

The goal of our analytics platform is to identify organic viral growth opportunities coming, directly, from your audiences' engagement. If you, inadvertently, copy-paste one of your links and post it onto your massive Facebook page, you might be influencing data around your own actions.

With that in mind, we've created a simple feature that allows you to block IPs (and ranges) from the copy-paste feature. Here's how it work. 

On your GetSocial account, click on the Settings Icon and then on 'Exclude IPs from Data': 

From there, you can either block custom IPs (or ranges) or block your own IP (to make it easier):

Here's how it looks if you block your own IP:

Hopefully, this will enhance the data accuracy and value you get from GetSocial. 

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