On your dashboard, you'll see "Upgrade Plan" on the upper right corner.
You can click on that button or go to Billing then to Pricing Plan.

Here's what you can expect from our subscription plans:

  • Support from GetSocial team
  • Dark Social and Copy/Paste Tracking
    84% of shares are private and you need to start tracking them
  • Mobile Share & Follow Bar: our best performing tools
  • Image Sharing: let your users share your images
  • Subscribe Bar: collect thousands of emails and get new leads
  • Integrations with Google Analytics & Mailchimp
  • Real-time content analytics

Advanced Tools:

  • Multiple Websites 
  • Alerts Viral Content: be informed in real-time of what's going viral.
  • Automation: No need to spend time manually posting on social media. You can now schedule and automate all your posts.
  • Link Shortener: Create short links with the name of your brand, track those links from the first level of clicks to the second, third, and until the last level.
  • Conversions: attribute events to user actions and understand the referral that originated a certain event.
  • Influencers: measure user engagement to identify loyal and viral audiences.

After you have decided which plan you want to subscribe, you just need to click on upgrade and provide your billing details.

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