Yes. One of the use cases that we find often within our customers is a situation where there's a main brand page (usually with thousands/millions of fans) and then smaller pages for each sub-brand/website. 

Imagine the case where there's mother brand Alfa, which has 1.2M Facebook Followers. 

Alfa has two sections on their website: Beta (about travel) and Charlie (about fashion). Both Beta and Charlie are sub-brands that own and operate their own Facebook Pages. Beta has 60.000 fans while Charlie, with a clear focus on a young female audience, has about 125.000 fans.

If Charlie's marketing team want to take advantage of the huge following that Alfa owns, they can use this setting.

Charlie's team may create an automation rule that automatically posts on Alfa's brand page, based on specific criteria. They may define that only posts with more than 10.000 shares (the most shared ones, usually 3 per week) are good enough to be presented to a bigger audience. 

At the same time, using multiple rules, Charlie's team can also have that same content posted on their own page. 

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