Since v2 of this feature, GetSocial allows the creation of two ignoring principles: 

  • Ignoring old content
  • Ignoring content already present in a Facebook Page

Let us explain what each setting delivers.

  • Ignoring old content will allow you define a specific date (eg. 01/01/2017) and basically block from automation any content that's older than that. By older, we mean that it has either a published-date tag or entered our database records before the specified date. 
  • Ignoring content already present in a Facebook Page will do a double verification to check whether a specific page/article was already posted on your Facebook Page. You start by defining a time-period in which we'll verify this for you. Let's say 7 days. 

Before posting an Article A automatically, we'll check if (1) the automation feature has already posted this content in the last 7 days and (2) if there is any manual post made on facebook by your team for that same content. 

Providing that (1) and (2) are false, then we'll do the post. If one of them is true, we'll skip it and move along to the next best piece, depending on the rule criteria.  

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