Yes. Sometimes, some teams, services or products make use of the ability to do custom meta-tags on their HTML code.

For example, one could use one or any of the following:

<meta name="google-analytics" content="your_id"/>
<meta name="disqus" content="your_id"/>
<meta name="uservoice" content="your_id"/>
<meta name="mixpanel" content="your_id"/>

for the several services you might be using under your property. If there's no specific or predefined meta-tag, you can still automate content based on a custom tag. 

Imagine that your run website XYZ and you've always used the tag "XYZ_author" to identify the author of an article. 

You may create a rule to automatically post on your Facebook Page all the articles created by John Doe after they're published, by using the settings:

  • Method: Include only if
  • Meta-type: Name
  • Meta-value: XYZ_author
  • Condition: contains (or is equal to) 
  • Condition-value: John Doe

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