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What is Dark Social / Copy & Paste Share Tracking?
What is Dark Social / Copy & Paste Share Tracking?

Learn about Dark Social and how to track it

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Do you know what Dark Social is? If you don't, you should. We've written about it quite often on our blog, here is a comprehensive guide on it.

Dark social sharing methods relate to shares made without using share buttons. The usual case happens when a user copies and pastes the URL of a website onto a social network, chat or email client.

On GetSocial powered websites, 91% of shares are made through Copy & Paste Shares. It's crucial that websites are able to track this. This feature helps them understand how Copy Paste sharing is contributing to their traffic.

You'll find the Copy & Paste share tracking app on 'Social Tools':

To read more about the use cases of Dark Social please refer to our article on Dark Social use cases.

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