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Integrating with Google Analytics
Integrating with Google Analytics

Find out what data you can add to your Google Analytics with GetSocial

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How it works

Integration Description

If you use Google Universal Analytics (UA) to monitor your site's traffic, you can track all social sharing made through GetSocial alongside the rest of the data that Google Analytics collects. In this article, we'll show you how easy it is to activate this integration 

But first, why should you integrate GetSocial and Google Universal Analytics?

  • Direct view of how GetSocial is tracking shares made on your website

  • Google Analytics data for each share type on your website

  • You'll be able to filter your Google Analytics reporting by visitors shared something on your website

  • You won't need any extra dashboard to track social activity

Activating Google Analytics is super easy. First of all, if we detect you're using Google Analytics on your website, we'll automatically start gathering share data. The only thing one should do next is to click on "Activate" on the app: 

See Results on Google Analytics

To access your GetSocial data on Google Analytics, do this:

There's also other views that GetSocial makes available on Google Analytics without this integration.

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