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How do I install GetSocial on my website?
How do I install GetSocial on my website?

Step by step guide to install GetSocial

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After registering your account with GetSocial, your next step will be to install our library code.

The library code will connect GetSocial's service to your website and make it possible for us to serve our apps and receive data from them. Think of it as a data bridge connecting our websites.

STEP 1 - You can find your code in a red banner at the top of your account.

STEP 2 - Copy it and paste it on your website's code just before </head>. Like this:

This code is only needed once per page.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings → Site Options → Install GetSocial. Here you will find the code as well for you to install, or you can email your Developer(s). You can also choose to install via Google Tag Manager.

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