What is GetSocial?

What we do and how can we help you

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GetSocial is a content analytics platform that helps websites increase their social traffic and ROI through a better understanding of their audience's engagement.

With real-time data and insights into how people are sharing content, we empower our clients to improve their results on social media and content marketing. 

As you install GetSocial on your website, you'll access:

  • Various tools such as share buttons, follow bars and pop-ups, etc.

  • Data and reports about how users are engaging with your content and which social media channels are driving the most ROI

  • Identify viral content and automate its social distribution in your best performing social media accounts.

Will GetSocial be useful for my website?

GetSocial was created based on the needs of digital publishers, eCommerce websites and agencies that want to invest in improving their results through social media and content marketing.

Commonly, GetSocial serves two different persona types:

  • Editorial: journalists, content creators and audience developers with a keen eye for data & analytics;

  • Marketers: content marketers, social media and brand managers, and even performance marketers, wanting to maximize the ROI of every channel.

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