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Describes the Report Builder feature and how to create a report

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With the Report Builder feature, you can customize and schedule reports to be automatically delivered to your inbox. Check our example report!

Creating a report is quite simple!  

First, you should access the Report Builder view.

Report Type

You may choose to:

  • Download a single report (one-time)

  • Schedule a recurring report (daily, weekly or monthly) 

When choosing a Single Report, you should pick the Date Range for the data you want to access. 

When choosing a Recurring Report, you'll be able to determine: 

  • Daily Report - time of delivery 

  • Weekly Report - day of the week and time of delivery 

  • Monthly Report -  day of the month and time of delivery 

Data Sources

You can pull data from any feature you are currently using and include it all on the same report, or create several reports with different data sources for different times.

You must choose at least one data source from the following list: 

  • Dashboard

  • Top Stories

  • Top Channels 

  • Top Locations

  • Top Authors

  • Top Sections 


You can add as many recipients as you want to receive the report. 


The formats currently available are PPTX and PDF. You may choose to receive both formats or just one. 

In case you can't find the report on your email inbox, check your SPAM folder.

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