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Explains the benefits of using the Conversions feature

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With our Conversions feature, you can attribute events to previous user actions, even if they happened months ago. To implement this feature, please read our article on how the Conversions feature works.

To understand the use cases of this feature, you should ask yourself:

  • Am I certain that Twitter is better at converting users than Pinterest, just because we have more shares on Twitter?

  • How does Facebook perform in sales compared to Dark Social channels?

  • Are my LinkedIn viewers spending more time on our content than Reddit's?

These are complex questions that we often guess the answer to, based on gut or past experience. But what if you're guessing wrong?

GetSocial Conversions is meant to help understand what originated an event, whatever that event may be. It could be a sale, a subscription to your newsletter, a trial sign-up, etc.

By tracking a user's actions before the event was triggered, you can start answering questions that matter to your business more accurately:

  • Which content has brought us more leads?

  • Which social network was responsible for more sales?

  • How effective were my ads in converting users?

  • Which user was really influential for our brand?

With our Influencers feature enable as well, you can use Conversions to understand the original user identity associated with an event.

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