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Describes the URL Shortener feature and how to configure it

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Our URL Shortener works towards a better attribution model for social sharing behaviors online. It does so by touching on 3 key points:

  1. Correct measurement: considering all channels where the link is shared, public or private

  2. Analysis at depth: there’s more to a link that the first click it receives from a user. They can copy the link and share it again, earning second level clicks that consequently can unleash a chain of other clicks further down the line

  3. Proper social attribution model: where you see all the owned and earned traffic of your links

Here's how it works:

3.1. Summary

As you open the Link Shortener page, you will see, for each day, how many links were created and their total results.

3.2. Your Links

Below, you will find the individual results for each of your links.

Moreover, if you click (view data) you will be redirected to the Link Detail Page. Here, you will find a dashboard with information on channels used to share the link, how many re-shares the link had, and more.

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