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Explains the benefits of using the Influencers feature

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Our Influencers feature allows you to see which users on your website made the most visits, shares and generated the most referrals. To see how you can access this feature, please read our article on how to use the Influencers feature.

One of the biggest struggles for those using influencer marketing strategies is understanding the ROI. Often times, brands will spend quite a lot of money hiring an influencer that they're not even quite sure delivered any significant results.

GetSocial's Influencers allows you to identify your brands' biggest influencers and their true impact on your results.

Your biggest influencer might be at the micro level - a loyal fan of your content who will distribute it amongst friends and family for no cost at all. This brings relevant engagement to your website that you're not even aware of.

From you here, you can, for example, create small groups of people who will happily advocate for your brand and promote your content with their unique voice.

To find out more about the possible results of the Influencers feature, please visit our case study with one of our clients.

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