Metrics: Shares & Referrals

Describes 'Shares' & 'Referrals' in each context they are presented in

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Across GetSocial you'll often find the metrics Shares and Referrals.

Shares indicate the total amount of shares of a page, while Referrals indicate the number of visits generated by shares.

Although this is the general definition, it's important to consider that these metrics can have different interpretations depending on the context you're viewing them in.

  • Top Stories → Shares are the total number of shares that a page or article had in the chosen period of time. By selecting one page/article, you can also view the number of shares in each social channel

  • Top Channels → Shares are the total number of shares on a specific social channel

  • Top Locations → Shares are the total number of shares on a specific location

  • Link Shortener → Shares are the total number of shares of a given shortened link

What can I do with these metrics?

These metrics help you understand how your content is being shared across various social media channels and private messaging apps, as well as how much traffic those shares are generating.

With this information, you begin to understand how your audience is reacting to your content; where they prefer sharing it, which social channels generate the most traffic and which type of content you should invest in for a higher ROI.

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