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Describes the meaning & use cases of the KPI Recirculation

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Across the GetSocial Analytics product you'll often find the word Recirculation

Recirculation measures the percentage of website visitors who visited a page and then visited another page, within the same session. 

The picture above illustrates the concept. In it, 100 sessions start on a specific page, coming from Facebook (referrals).

If 20 of those sessions end up visiting any new article, the recirculation % of that article was 20%.  

What can I do with this metric?

Recirculation is a simple, yet extremely valuable metric for publishers, as it helps understand user loyalty. As you start to understand which content generates the highest recirculation, you understand what retains readers.

You may find Recirculation metrics in several GetSocial features, namely:

  • Dashboard

  • Top Stories

  • Top Channels

Despite being the same metric, it's relevant that we analyse its context, as follows:

Recirculation in Dashboard

If you're analysing Recirculation metrics in your Dashboard, it's likely you find something like this:

A value of 30.02% means that more than thirty percent of referrals generated more than 1 page view within the same session.

Recirculation in Top Stories

If you're analysing Recirculation metrics in Top Stories, it's likely you find something like this:

Each page or article has a specific recirculation value. Higher values mean that a specific content is more capable of engaging a reader than others. Ideally, your content should prime for its high recirculation rate, which allows you to monetize better user sessions.

Recirculation in Top Channels (by Social Network)

If you're analysing Recirculation metrics in Top Channels, it's likely you find something like this:

With it, you can analyze how traffic from social networks is recirculating in a website. You may want to understand if Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest are generating the most engaged audiences.

Both top stories and channels can also be now filtered by recirculation. Our other tools, like viral alerts and automation, also take advantage of the new metrics.

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