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Supported Data Formats (Published Data)
Supported Data Formats (Published Data)
Describe your page metadata to improve the quality of share previous and automated posting to Facebook
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The internet uses a variety of formats to specify metadata about pages, such as their title and publishing date. Unfortunately there is not one common, global, format, so here is a list of metadata tags we understand at GetSocial.

Metadata tags are pairs of keys and values in HTML meta tags.

We understand the og:title, og:description, og:image and og:type keys from the OpenGraph schema. When available on the head of the HTML document, we will use these keys' values.

We also understand the article:published_time, and expect a value with a string understandable by the JavaScript Date format parser; like "Wed Dec 05 2018 17:53:01 GMT+0000" or "2018-12-05".

Still for publishing date, we also understand any meta tag with "date" on the value of the name or itemprop attributes, reading the date value from the content or datetime attributes. Like "<meta itemprop='datePublished' content='2018-12-05' />".

Easy right? You can also use a series of tools to check if the tags are correct, like this one.

Note that for using rules around publishing date in GetSocial Automation, we strongly recommend the pages specify that information. Otherwise we will use the date we first got to know each page.

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