Use Cases: Viral Alerts

Explains the benefits of using the Viral Alerts feature

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The alerts feature has the primary goal to help professionals have more timely feedback about how their stories are performing on Social Media

With this feature, we've built a complete set of user stories you may identify as your own, namely: 

  • I want to able to avoid alerts of content older than a specific number of days (eg. don’t alert about content older than 14 days);

  • I only want to be alerted about pages that follow a specific URL structure. (eg. articles from the /travel section);

  • I only want to be alerted about pages if they meet certain meta tag criteria (eg. if meta-name author is “John Doe”);

  • I want to be alerted when a new story enters the Top X most shared stories. (eg. if the story is amongst the Top 5 most shared of the last month).

  • I want to be able to define when the alert is triggered, based on my own engagement criteria which may include: time-based (daily, weekly or monthly) sessions and daily engagement (shares, referrals, share-rate, viral score) - (eg. alert me when an article has had more than 10,000 visits this week and has more than 100 shares today);

  • I want to be able to define a specific time slot for my alerts and respective volume (e.g. Alert me about the top 3 articles that meet the conditions, at 9AM, 11.30AM, 2.30PM, and 4.30PM). 

  • I want to be able be alerted as soon as alert conditions are met (e.g. as soon as an article reaches 10.000 visits today, send me a slack push notification);

  • I want to be able to define a maximum number of alerts I'll get every hour/day;

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