If you already have Google Tag Manager up and running on your website and you'd like to integrate GetSocial with it, there's an easy way to do it. 

Once you created your GetSocial account, just go to the following URL: https://getsocial.io/auth/google

Once you open it, you'll be required to login with your Google Credentials (this login is made on Google, not on GetSocial). 

After you log in with your GTM account, you shall select all the GTM parameters you need to complete your integration, namely:

  • Your account

  • Your container

  • Your tag

Once those are selected, you'll end up with something similar to this:

From there, the last step is to click on Install GetSocial to have our code automatically included on your website, through your Google Tag Manager account. 

And that's it, integration completed.

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