We have assembled a list of steps to ensure that you don't have any trouble installing our plugin on WordPress:

  1. Make sure that the plugin is properly installed: 

2. If you prefer to do a manual installation instead, follow this guide: LINK
3. Activate the tools you want (Floating Share Bar, Hello Buddy, etc.);
4. Refresh your blog page;
5. If you activated a Horizontal bar, check the top or bottom of your blog posts. Otherwise, the Floating Buttons should appear on your homepage;
6. Sometimes your website has a long lasting cache. Try opening the website in a different browser or in incognito mode. You visitors might be seeing the buttons already;
7. If the buttons don't appear, try synchronizing the plugin;
8. In case you have a cache plugin installed, check this article.

If nothing works, please send an email to support@getsocial.io or send a message through our chat app.

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