Data is good, but if it leads to action (and value), it's better.

While we provide real-time analytics on our Dashboard, Top Stories & Top Channels, we understand that busy professionals like our customers and partners don't always have the bandwidth to constantly cover their different data sources. 

With that in mind, we built GetSocial Alerts, a self-service feature that, based on your own conditions, will notify you (or your team) when any of your content is picking up on social media.

Here's how it works:

  1. Access the Alerts Feature under the Analytics Tab

2. Create a new alert
You'll also find a ready-to-use alert for high viral scores, in case you want a faster way to implement this feature. For education purposes, we'll guide you through the whole feature. Click 'Create Alert'

3. Configure your alert

3.1 Name: Identify your alert, so it's easy to understand why you're receiving notifications;

3.2 Frequency: Define how often you want to repeat alerts on the same content. Example: if 7 hours is selected, you won't receive an alert for one specific article more than once during a 7-hour period;

3.3 Conditions: Your self-service report builder. You can create conditions based on the following parameters:

  • Daily Visits
  • Shares
  • Referrals
  • Share Rate
  • Virality Score

Here's an example: if you activate this alert, you'll be notified once an article that has received more than 1,000 visits today or it had at least 100 shares or it has received more than 500 visits coming from shares (referrals). 

4. Configure your delivery options
Next up, you should set up your delivery settings. You can choose to be notified via email or through Slack. If needed, you can use both concurrently. 

4.1 Email Frequency
If you choose to be notified via email, there are a few options regarding frequency of contact. You can either select:

  • Live: we'll send you an email as soon as an article meets your thresholds. 
  • Hourly: we'll send you one email per hour, with the top 3 articles that meet your thresholds.  
  • Daily: we'll send you one email per day, with the top 5 articles that meet your thresholds.

4.2 Email Recipients
Include here the teams and people you want to be notified via email.

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