A GetSocial App is a tool or feature that you can activate on your website. Our apps have different goals and work in different ways.

Most of our offer relates to the sharing apps where we have 8 apps available. We also provide engagement apps, so you can interact with your users with popups and collect emails, integrations to make it easier export data to several services and a tracking app to measure dark social traffic that Google Analytics can't track.

There is a total of 17 apps across 5 categories and all paid plans have access to every tool:

Sharing Apps (8):

  • Horizontal Share Bar (Test plan*)
  • Floating Share Bar (Test plan*)
  • Original Share Bar (Test plan*)
  • Mobile Share Bar (Tools/Start plan)
  • Image Sharing (Tools/Start plan)
  • Total Floating Share Bar (Tools/Start plan)
  • Total Horizontal Share Bar (Tools/Start plan)
  • Reaction Buttons (Test plan*)

Follow Apps (3):

  • Horizontal Follow Bar (Test plan*)
  • Floating Follow Bar (Test plan*)
  • Mobile Follow Bar (Tools/Start plan)

Tracking Apps (1):

  • Copy & Paste Share Tracking (Start plan)

Engagement Apps (2):

  • Welcome Bar (Test plan*)
  • Subscribe Bar (Tools/Start plan)
  • Hello Buddy, the smart pop-up (Test plan*)

Integrations (2):

  • Google Analytics (Tools/Start plan)
  • MailChimp (Tools/Start plan)

*Test plan only available for WordPress websites. All other platforms need to upgrade to a paid plan to use GetSocial.

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